T.J.'s Musings

Aug 8

So let me tell you about this project.

This is my Tumblrpon and Friends Book.  You may have heard about this before.  But for those that don’t know, this is a sketchbook I bought that I am treating like a high school yearbook.  This is where all my friends and people I know from Tumblr take a page and sketch whatever they want in it.  It’s a project that means a lot to me, because it represents friends who took the time (or agreed when I asked XP) to put a sketch of their own in it.  Kinda like a signature in a high school yearbook.

The series actually started in January, when I went down to Alabama to visit Dash and Morgan, continued at Trotcon in June, and this past weekend at Bronycon.  The first pics are from Alabama and Trotcon, and the Bronycon pics are to follow.

There’s 53 collected so far, and I had to take them with my smartphone because the book wouldn’t fit in the scanner.