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I fucking love you fandom

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A REAL Story About Bronies That ACTUALLY Happened:


Figured since there was some pretty awful allegations made by a tumblr user who fancies made-up tragedies, it’s time I shared something that ACTUALLY happened at the con that had a strong impact on me in particular.

Saturday night around 4pm I came down with the worst case of fatigue in my life. It was so bad I could hardly sit myself up on my bed. I was supposed to do my Make-Up Panel, too, but there was just no way I was going to be standing for an hour to walk around and do make-up at the same time. Because of all of this, I had to stay in my hotel room and watch the convention from the Ponyville Live stream. Fortunately, I had lots of friends come by and bring me snacks, drinks, and their companionship. In soon enough time, I was well-nourished and thanks to my friends that visited me and the musicians on the stream, I was feeling much better! So I decided I felt well enough to go down to the /mlp/arty with my friends.

But on the way down there, someone checking their phone was informed that a friend of his was missing. She was a Rarity cosplayer. To make things even more eerie (for me personally at least), she appeared to be wearing the exact same cocktail dress I used to use for my Rarity cosplay. No one knew where she was, but when they got word that last she was seen she was very drunk and around a sober stranger, they were overcome with panic and worry.

Banding together, they decided to form a search party and find Con Staff. The only thing I have to complain about this situation was that because it was a mob of people, everyone got a little too panicked and they probably made a bigger deal than they should have; certain people should have definitely been more delicate about the situation. But the only reason why that happened was because they were panicked and scared for their friend.

But soon she was found and most importantly she was alright (thank God).

So, next time you think that Bronies don’t care about the welfare of girls, little girls, big girls, cosplaying girls, etc., this weekend I witnessed 20-30 Bronies come together over the well-being of a fellow female Cosplayer. Even if nothing happened, witnessing that for my very own eyes truly warmed my heart and gave me a lot more faith in this fandom, especially when it comes to cosplaying.

Sometimes I get worried when will be the first Brony Convention I go to that someone sexually harasses me; but I know now that I don’t have to worry about that anymore. And even if it does happen, I know there are people at these conventions that would destroy someone if they found out a girl has been taken advantage of.

Thanks to this weekend, I think I have finally found a way to get out of my depression. I really couldn’t have asked for a better one, even if it was dramatic as could be. I honestly can’t wait to see y’all again at the next convention.


I’ve finally settled on who the six will be for mini-prints this year for selling at Trotcon and Bronycon.  And I have the larger prints mostly locked down (all but one).

The goal is to at least get the minis done by the end of the month, so I can focus on the larger prints.

TMI Tuesday: Any guilty pleasures? Ponies not included, answer privately if you want

Little Debbie marshmallow pies.

So I'm trying to settle an argument with myself. Which sport has the best fights? (Note to the kids: Punk-Pega doesn't condone fighting and promotes being a good sport and all that jazz, I can't speak for Teej tho.)


Nothing can beat a good fight in baseball though, but they happen less frequently.

*Teej pone cross-checks Menzing into the boards*

If you get that radio job, will you have to move or is it within driving distance?

Moving.  Have to.

Would prefer to at this point actually.  

inkie-heart-mod replied to your post “Any mods on tumblr you have a crush on?”

He has a crush on PD. Confirmed.

Not true.  InkieTeej OTP.

Ever tried a meat Pie?

Haven’t.  Not really wanting to as well.

Any mods on tumblr you have a crush on?

I do. But I’m not looking for a relationship at the moment.

For further details, ask on the *other* blog.